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General Ringside Medicine

ABC Handbook of Ringside Medicine (PDF)

USA Boxing Medical Handbook (PDF)

Medical Recommendations to Improve Boxing Safety — General recommendations from the ARP

Ethics — Ethical guidelines developed and mandated by the ARP for practice as a ringside physician

Weight Management in Professional Combat Sports — ARP Consensus statement on unsafe weight control practices

National Anthem Etiquette


Physical Exam & Fighter Evaluation

Coming soon: The Licensing Exam, Pre-bout and Post-bout Evaluations

Concussion Management in Combat Sports: Consensus Statement from the Association of Ringside Physicians, 2018

Association of Ringside Physicians Ocular Practice Guidelines for Participation in Combative Sports

Proper Technique for Removing Boxing/MMA Gloves (Video)

Medical Clearance of the Older Fighter — ARP Recommendations for clearing fighters age 40 and over

Urine Dip Color Card

KardiaMobile App by AliveCor -- obtain an EKG or Rhythm Strip with your smart phone



Coming soon: My Ringside Bag — Equipment for the Ringside Physician (Video)

Mouth Guards — ARP Consensus statement on which mouth guards are safest


Infectious Disease and Skin Conditions

Skin Condition Photo Card, 8.5x11”

Blood-Borne Infectious Disease Screening in Combat Sports — ARP recommendations for screening

NATA Position Statement: Skin Diseases


Lacerations and Sutures

Laceration and Suture Care Handout

Facial Lacerations Card — ARP Pocket card with key areas of laceration

Pressure Point Laceration Care Card —  ARP Pocket card with key arteries and areas of laceration

DERMABOND® Mini Topical Skin Adhesive Application Guide (Video)

SURGISEAL® Topical Skin Adhesive (Video)

Duke Suture Skills Course - Learn Best Suture Techniques (Video)

Lacerations — How to Suture Wounds (Video)

Lacerations — Basic Laceration Repair (Video)

Lacerations — 8 Common Suture Techniques for Skin Closure (Video)

Athlete Informational Handouts

Pre-fight Information for Amateur MMA Fighters


Head Injury Fact Sheet

Information Sheet on the Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss developed by Dr. Rizzo for the ARP in conjunction with the CSAC



Protocol for Ringside EMS Personnel (Handout)

Paramedics and EMT’s at Ringside (Video)



Practical Aspects of Drug Screening and Specimen Handling (Video)

VADA Sample Collection Process by Clearidium (Video)

Olympic Banned Substance List (Wikipedia) –- searchable WADA banned substance list

WADA Therapeutic Use Exemption Guidelines

WADA Urine Sample Collection Guidelines

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