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General Ringside Medicine

Medical Communication: Improving Athlete Safety in Combat Sports, Pre-bout and Post-bout Examinations, and My Ringside Bag — Equipment for the Ringside Physician all coming soon.

Referee Evaluation of the Knocked-Down Fighter

Proper Technique for Removing Boxing/MMA Gloves

Paramedics and EMT’s at Ringside

Athlete on the verge of cardiovascular collapse at weigh in


General Medical Conditions

Auricular Hematoma

ECG: Athletic ECG — Normal vs. Problematic

Exercise Induced Asthma

Heat Illness

Pneumothorax — Spontaneous and Tension

Needle Aspiration of Pneumothorax


Approach to the Patient with Rhabdomyolysis

Sickle Cell Trait and the Student-Athlete

Sudden Cardiac Death

Tooth Avulsion



Management of C-Spine Injury

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Sports Concussion Evaluation and Treatment

Intracranial Bleed — Part 1

Intracranial Bleed — Part 2

Intracranial Bleed — Part 3

Intracranial Bleed — Part 4

Intracranial Bleed — Part 5

Second Impact Syndrome



Clinical Clearance of the Cervical Spine

Cervical Spine Assessment and Clearance

NEXUS Criteria for Cervical Spine Assessment and Clearance

Spinal Immobilization Using a Backboard


Facial Injuries


Facial Fractures 3D Reconstruction

Mandible Fracture

Maxillofacial Examination

Nasal Septal Hematoma

Blow Out Fracture with Upward Gaze Entrapment

Orbital Floor Fracture

Review and Management of Facial Trauma


Infectious Disease

HSV Gladiatorum Fact Sheet